Felted lamps

In our workshop in Opende, Groningen we felt and dye all lamps by hand. The sheep wool and natural pigments from the herbs that grow on the sandy soil behind our workshop are the starting point of every design. Time, attention, our love for the planet and diligent manual labor are the core components of this process.


Our lamps are available directly in this webshop, as well as through a small number of selling points. If you buy a lamp in our webshop, we will start working for you. Each lamp is felted, dyed and shaped by hand. Finally, we assemble the fitting and the cord and pack the lamp securely for transport.

Because felting, dyeing and drying takes time, our lamps have a delivery time of 1-4 weeks.


If you want to order a bespoke lamp, entirely to your wishes: that's possible!

Then choose a Luma Unika in our webshop: you choose the model, color, size, position of the opening and the type of cord. Opting for a bespoke option increases delivery time to about 3-4 weeks.

In that case, take into account a delivery time of 3-5 weeks.


Do you have questions, queries, doubts, or are you working on a project where you can use some advice?

Please contact us, we are happy to think along with you!