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Diska 50cm

Diska 50cm

The Diska has a diameter of 50 cm and is hand felted and formed from European wool. A sturdy ring ensures that the lamp retains its shape.

Due to its shape, the Diska is very suitable for above the dining table.

The lamp is clearly visible, so look for a beautiful large bulb that may or may not be dimmable. They are available today in all shapes, colors and sizes.


The lamp has a porcelain E27 fitting and wooden carrier in the lamp. It comes without a ceiling cap, which you can order separately.


We make your lamp especially for you, which means that it may differ slightly in shape and color from the photos. Because we work with moulds, the differences will not be too great. In the case of the Diska, especially the height of the tip can vary.

Deze LumaLano lamp is

- Handgemaakt in eigen atelier

- Gemaakt van fijne Europese wol

- Biologisch afbreekbaar

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