The Diska has a diameter of 45 cm and is handfelted and formed from European organic wool. A metal ring ensures that the lamp retains its shape.

Because of its shape, the Diska is very suitable for above the dining table.

The bulb is visible, so look for a beautiful large bulb that will enhance and support the design. The lamp has a porcelain fitting and wooden support. A wooden ceiling cap can be ordered separately on this website.

We will make your lamp especially for you, which means that it may differ slightly in shape and color from the photos. Because we work with molds, the differences will not be too great. In the case of the Diska, the height of the tip in particular can vary.

  • Een LumaLano lamp

    Deze LumaLano lamp is

    - Handgemaakt in eigen atelier

    - Gemaakt van fijne Europese wol

    - Biologisch afbreekbaar

  • Shipping and Returns

    If you order a lamp, we will make it. The felting, molding, sometimes painting and drying of the lamp is time consuming. Therefore, take into account a delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks. If you need the lamp faster, please contact us. Sometimes we still have some in stock or we can make it with priority.


    We ship our  lamps plastic-free. With sturdy paper and sometimes a balloon in the lamp, we ensure that the lamps arrive well.

    We do everything we can to make the lamp to your liking. However, it is possible that the lamp is not as expected. After consultation with us you can return the lamp and you will receive the paid amount back.


    Unfortunately, we cannot take back lamps from the Unika collection, unless we have demonstrably not adhered to your design.


    Please note that we shape the lamps by hand, so no lamp  the same and the shape may be irregular. 

    But that is of course also the  charm.



  • Dyed wool

    All colored wool is dyed in our workshop.

    We use vegetable dyes for this, largely from our own garden or from nature. We also use "waste" from the kitchen.

    Examples of the plants we use are cow parsley, madder root, birch leaves or walnut shells.

    From the kitchen come onion skins and avocado seeds and skins.

    You can regularly follow our dyeing adventures on Instagram!

    Do not place or hang our colored wool in direct sunlight, there is a possibility of discoloration.

  • Wool: color- and structure variations

    For our lamps we use fine European wool from small companies.

    The wool comes from different companies and differs in structure and color. The lamps will therefore also show some differences.

    When ordering multiple lamps, we ensure that they are all made with the same wool.