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Kaliko Natura wall lamp

Kaliko Natura wall lamp

Kaliko wall hanger set.

The Kaliko with birch wood wall hanger, 4 m cord, plug and switch.


This lamp shade is made of different colors of wool from the mountain sheep. The colors are warm and earthy.

The dark lights give a mood light directed downwards, the white light also shines through the cap.


The Kaliko is approximately 20 cm high and has a diameter of approximately 13 cm.

The lamp has a porcelain fitting and wooden carrier in the lamp.

Switch and plug are supplied unassembled.


We make your lamp especially for you, which means that it may differ slightly in shape and color from the photos. Because we work with molds, the differences will not be too great. Due to differences in monitors and the photo, the colors may differ slightly from the actual color.





Deze LumaLano lamp is

- Handgemaakt in eigen atelier

- Gemaakt van fijne Europese wol

- Biologisch afbreekbaar

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