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Kaliko Tinkturita, set of 3

Kaliko Tinkturita, set of 3

The Kaliko as a set of 3.


This lamp is made from organic wool from Europe and dyed with plants from our own kitchen, garden or environment.


The Kaliko is approximately 20 cm high and has a diameter of approximately 13 cm.

The lamp has a porcelain fitting and wooden support in the lamp.

The cord length that you order is per light bulb. So 3 meters, is 3 meters for each light.


We make your lamp especially for you, which means that it may differ slightly in shape and color from the photos. Because we work with molds, the differences will not be too great. Due to differences in screens and the photo, the colors may differ slightly from the actual color.

Deze LumaLano lamp is

- Handgemaakt in eigen atelier

- Gemaakt van fijne Europese wol

- Biologisch afbreekbaar