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About wool, felting and our choices


The founders of  LumaLano are the two artists Manja ten Donkelaar and Sophie van der Lubbe. All felt products are designed and created by themselves in their studio in the countryside of Groningen. Sophie as a biologist and Manja as a former primary school teacher and art teacher together are LumaLano. 


The base of each product is sheep's wool, in all natural colours, but also often vegetable-dyed. The wool is dyed in our own workshop. With this, LumaLano keeps control of the process itself and endless color shades can be created by using and combining paint baths several times. It is precisely this 'fooling around' with the colors that gives the artworks their specific character. 


In addition to the special colors, LumaLano's artworks are recognizable by their delicacy and richness in details. Especially in real life, the depth and accents that make the artworks lively are even more visible.  


The artworks are almost all abstract. They show concentration and attention. They allow the viewer to observe carefully, and they all tell their own unique story. Even the most subtle canvas contains many hidden details.

The artworks play with steering a process and releasing it. Every tuft of wool, every thread of silk is deliberately and precisely laid down, to find its own way during felting. 


This process of creating and arising, of direction and coincidence, and finding a balance between them is fascinating, both for the makers and for the person looking at.


Wool, especially in the case of wall hangings, has very good acoustic properties. This makes the work very suitable for office design, lobbies and the like, but also for living rooms and rooms with resonance. 


LumaLano creates unique products while taking into account people, animals and the environment. Sustainable, honest and raw materials are chosen in the process. For example, the wool comes from European sheep, organic olive soap from France is used and all dyes come from plants from our own garden, kitchen or living environment. The impact on the environment plays a major role in every choice LumaLano makes.



LumaLano sells lamps and tapestries from its own webshop, via a number of stores and via various interior designers. LumaLano also works together with clients in different projects like company furnishings. The target group is both the private customer and the business market. 

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